Knives for Generations

Lilienstahl manufactures knives of outstanding quality
from hand-forged Damascus steel.


Finest structure

through cyclic heat treatment


277 Layers

of hand-forged Damascus steel



by a blacksmith in Lower Austria (Ernstbrunn)


Maximum edge-holding ability

through tungsten alloyed steel


Excellent ergonomics

through half-integral design

Damascus steel

Legendary and long-lasting.

For Lilienstahl Damascus blades, we hand-forge hard steel with excellent edge-holding properties and elastic steel into Damascus steel.

During the complex manufacturing process, the different types of steel, which vary in terms of their carbon content, are forge-welded into a bar in the blacksmith’s fire. The steel layers are doubled and forge-welded over and over again which multiplies the number of layers. This creates the exceptional and typical patterns, which make every single blade unique.

High quality Lilienstahl Damascus knives don’t only impress by their outstanding design, but stand out due to their lasting sharpness, their tenacity and their hardness.

Triple laminated steel

Hard but elastic.

The sharpness and edge-holding property of Lilienstahl blades made of triple laminated steel are similar to the blades made of Damascus steel. What is lacking, however, is the typical pattern. For the cutting edge we use fine steel with low chromium content and fine tungsten carbide, but also pure carbon steel. The two outer layers of more elastic steel protect the hard core of the knife and make it highly shock-resistant.


Corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance.

Lilienstahl knives made of monosteel impress by their easy and low-maintenance handling. The completely stainless blades are hand-forged from deep-frozen steel (Böhler N690) which is characterised by its high degree of hardness and perfect fine-grained structure. The result is an uncompromising sharpness and an exceptional edge-holding property that you can rely on for many years.

Lilienstahl Custom Knives

Tradition meets innovation meets quality. In the manufacturing of hand-forged knives, we combine traditional crafts, high-quality materials and innovative technologies. This allows us to manufacture individual and customised knives of the highest quality: from the blade over the handle to the leather sheath – everything from one source.

Discover the handcrafted and unique Lilienstahl knives – whether as a unique collector’s piece for your showcase or as a high-quality knife for hunting, fishing or cooking.

Bruning passion for uncompromising quality

Lilienstahl stands for hand-forged blades of the highest quality. Our love for the craft and our passion for steel create unique knives. Knives that are tailored to their owners. Knives that impress by their workmanship and edge-holding property. Knives that master every challenge in the kitchen.

Florian Stockinger, blacksmith

Laaerstraße 2
2115 Ernstbrunn